The Full Package

Shire Business College - The Full Package


Qualifications packaged with Life & Business Skills to create business leaders within our community


  • What is your learning language
  • Generational differences
  • Cross cultural awareness
  • How to communicate based on your audience
  • Speaking with influence
  • How to have professional conversations


  • Social media etiquette and how to clean up your profiles
  • How to set up your professional online profiles
  • Image makeover and styling
  • Basic computer skills


  • Workplace ethics & standards
  • The skills of time management
  • To be resume and portfolio ready
  • Job search & Interview skills
  • How to read an employment contract
  • How to build business networks


  • How to set up your bank accounts
  • How to start saving
  • What tax is about
  • How to manage loans and credit cards
  • What super is all about


  • Out & About “social responsibility”
  • How to be ‘on the road’
  • How to have a study, work and life balance


  • Language, Literacy & Numeracy support