Top Tips to selling on Facebook

15 June 2016
Whether you are selling through a Facebook page or local groups, here are some top tips to selling your items on Facebook.
Selling on Facebook Tips & Tricks

Whether you are selling through a Facebook page or selling through local groups, here are some top tips to selling your items on Facebook.

  1. Always have clear and professional photos of your products:  
    Take clear pictures of your products with simple backgrounds and natural lighting.
  2. Interact with your liker’s:
    Show a little piece of yourself every now and then. Customers like to read about the people who operate businesses and what happens behind the scenes.
  3. Respond to questions and comments promptly:
    You will never know of the sale you could have made if only you had answered that question a little earlier
  4. Put all relevant information in the status line:
    You don’t need to write a 500 word essay on your product, just a clear description of what the product is, what it does and how much is costs.
  5. Engage with new and existing fans:
    People do not log on to Facebook to make purchases. They log on to connect with others. Ask questions and respond to comments promptly. The more you engage, the higher the chance that they will convert into customers.
  6. Encourage your followers to share:
    Sharing in itself is free marketing. The more shares, the bigger the outreach.
  7. Post content that amuses and entertains:
    Attention spans are short and users newsfeeds get crowded.
    Don’t limit your postings to sale announcements.
  8. If selling through a Facebook group, make sure you read the rules and guidelines carefully:
    Many Facebook groups have rules such as, you can only post 5 photos, the first person to comment sold has the right to take the item or not. They have 24 hours to make a decision before you go to the NIL (next in line). You can only bump an item every 24 hours; this means that your listing will be bumped up to the top of the group listings.
  9. Make sure you are reaching the people that liked your page by encouraging them to turn on Notifications.
  10. Always stick to the truth- never lie about the condition of an item, if there are scuff marks or scratches tell the buyers 
  11. Know the lingo:
    There is nothing worse than someone writing NIL on your post and you having to ask what it means.
  • Here is a list of “Facebook Selling Lingo”:
  • ​NIL- Next in Line
  • WTB- Want to buy
  • GUC – Good Used Condition
  • EUC- Excellent Used Condition
  • BUMP- someone commenting so the post is ‘bumped’ to the top of the newsfeed