Start your career as an Educator in Early Childhood Education and Care

1 October 2015
Start your career as an Educator in Early Childhood Education and Care

With so many changes in the Early Childhood Education and Care sector the need for educators has never been so high.  Almost weekly the media is filled with articles about funding changes and the need for more educators in centres to meet the demands of working families.

If you have ever considered a new career in Early Childhood Education and Care now is a great time to start.

Early Childhood Educators are vital to the growth and development of children from 0 to 5 when a child is ready to enter school. With more and more child care centres opening up to meet the demands of working families, this shortage is likely to continue. This means that there are many employment opportunities for qualified Early Childhood Educator.

Early childhood education is recognised as a profession. Upgrading the skills of its workforce is becoming a major government priority.

As an Educator each day is different. You can learn new skills and apply the ones you have already learnt within an Early Childhood education and care setting.

Many Educators love the fact that they can work flexible working hours depending on the setting in which they choose to work, some of these settings include Pre-School, Long Day care, Family day care as well as Before and After school care.

Your days are varied; which may include arts and craft, singing and dance while creating an all-inclusive environment for children to learn and play with the flexibility of Full time, Part time and Casual work.

5 key Characters that an Early Childhood Educator should possess include:

  • The right personality to work with Children
  • Belief in your ability to be a great educator
  • A high level of dedication to work with children
  • A  great sense of humor and enthusiasm
  • Respect for differences in children and people

For many people working within early childhood education is a very fulfilling career, the satisfaction of knowing that you are making a difference in the lives of children.

With all careers there are ups and downs and before committing yourself to this career track, be sure to consider all of the details to ensure that early childhood education will be a rewarding  long-term path for your life.

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