Effective habits of studying

1 November 2015
Effective habits of studying

If you have not studied for a while the thought of enrolling in a course could be daunting. This is usually due to feeling overwhelmed by taking on something new or something that you have not done for a while.

There are a few things that you can do to assist you in studying so that you don’t feel so overwhelmed.

1. Begin with the end in mind

There may be different reasons as to why you want to start studying again, you may want to have a total career change, go for a promotion, upskill or for your own personal interest. Whatever your reason may be it is important to keep the end in mind, the reason why you are undergoing studies. Your reason why needs to motivate you through the good times and the not so good times, keeping you focused on the end result.

2. Don’t cram your studies all at once

Be sure that you space your studies out so that you are not leaving everything for the last minute. Letting everything pile up so that you are in a mad rush the night before an assessment is due will demotivate you. Having a plan with regular study times will allow you to space your studies so that you’re not over loaded. The key is to find regular small time slots over the week of 20-40 minutes which you can dedicate to your studies.

3. Have clear goals on each study session

When you begin a study session have some clear goals on what you want to achieve in that period of time, this will give you clear direction.

4. Get a study buddy

While trying to study with a friend can sometimes turn into a fun time, you could do well if you pick a classmate who is serious about their work to be your study buddy. This will give you an opportunity to compare notes and ask each other question.  This is also a great way to be accountable to someone so that you keep on track.

5. Look after yourself

While studying it’s important to maintain a proper diet and regular exercise. This will assist you to focus and have the energy to balance all your activities including studying. Make time for work rest and play as well as treating yourself now and then to something special.

Written By Bernadette Mills - Manager of Vocational Education & Business 

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